Why Get a Lawyer If I have Workers’ Comp Insurance?

man with work injury meets workers comp attorney
man with work injury meets workers comp attorney

Today, Darren is taking on the topic “Why get a Lawyer If I have Workers Comp Insurance?”. There are rights that you have that the insurance company may not communicate to you. It is important to have a knowledgeable Lawyer on your side to ensure all of your rights are covered.

Darren addresses this more in his video here. Darren Shoen offers free consultations for Workers Compensation cases, contact him today about your particular case. Workers’ compensation laws vary widely from state to state—The Law Offices of Darren Shoen concentrate on the state of Virginia.

Please note, the advice provided in this blog is general in nature and are not specific to your case.  If you have a specific question regarding your situation, please contact Darren Shoen by filling out the contact form on this site.

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