What to expect at your Workers’ Comp deposition

Ok, you got a letter saying you have to appear for a “deposition” in your workers’ comp case.  What do you do?  Well, first of all, make sure you show up.  You can lose your case if you don’t cooperate.  Second, as I always say in my blog, “first seek a competent, experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.”   If you are unrepresented, the lawyer for the insurance carrier may take advantage of your inexperience and uncertainty about the situation.

Though I can’t give specific legal advice in this blog since I do not know your particular case, if you have been unable to get legal help, a few tips might help.

  • Don’t lie
  • Only answer the question you have been asked
  • Don’t hide your medical history
  • Dress nice for the deposition and look your questioner in the eyes
  • Don’t let them get you mad
  • You are not on trial at the deposition
  • You have the right to read the transcript of the deposition for accuracy once it is transcribed by the court reporter.

As always, the best advice I can give you is to seek a competent, experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you.



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