What Are Some Reasons People Get Hurt At Work?

Darren Shoen Virginia Workers Comp Lawyer
Darren Shoen Virginia Workers Comp Lawyer

“There are several different ways someone can get hurt on the job.  From what are seemingly minor injuries—to a paper cut, to an insect bite, all the way to catastrophic injuries of falling off buildings, out of trees, and so forth.

Some people will think maybe they don’t need to see a lawyer because it’s not that major of an injury. So it’s always good to get yourself your own attorney and get your own advice, again even from what can seem like a small injury that can develop into a larger injury.

From a soft tissue injury, to back injuries that can balloon into herniated disks and so forth. A sore knee or a twisted knee can then develop into the need for surgery, which can then develop into something much worse from there. So, it’s always good to make sure you get the right medical care at the beginning. Because if they don’t get it early enough, it can develop into something much worse where it can be tough to repair something down the road. So even something that is seemingly minor, seek out my office, I can help you from start to finish.”

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