Hurt At Work? Take Care of Yourself First.

man with work injury
man with work injury

“When you’re hurt at work, the very first thing you need to do is make sure you get proper medical attention. Whether it’s a small injury or a major injury. Just make sure you get medical care first. Don’t worry about the law right when you get hurt, take care of yourself first.

For purposes of workers comp, you then need to make sure your supervisor or employer is aware of the injury. They have to be made aware of it and then they are supposed to provide you with the appropriate medical care subsequent to the injury.

After you have taken care of that, the wisest thing to do would be to contact a competent worker’s comp lawyer who knows the worker’s comp laws, who practices worker’s comp law.

That attorney should be able to help you, shepherd you through the process to make sure that you have protection. That you have someone on your side. Because the insurance carriers have a team of lawyers to help them with the case. They don’t work for you. Your lawyer is to work for you. So you should contact a worker’s comp attorney to help you after you get appropriate medical care from the initial injury on.”

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