Do I Apply For Benefits in Virginia or in the State in Which I Was Hurt?

Darren Shoen Virginia Workers Comp Lawyer
Darren Shoen Virginia Workers Comp Lawyer

“If your job requires you to be outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia; and typically a Virginia worker, it can be a complex situation. In certain cases, you can apply for benefits in the state where you were hurt or you can apply in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well. It just depends—you know per case—which state/where you should apply for benefits.

Some states’ benefits are, you know, better than Virginia. In some circumstances, sometimes it could be better to file in Virginia. But number one, as always, if you get hurt get medical attention immediately! No matter what. Let the legal part of this take care of itself later—after you get that resolved and after your employer knows of the injury, then you contact an attorney—a competent attorney that knows the law, that knows workers comp law. It’s a unique area of law where you have to do a lot of this to have workers comp law to know what you’re talking about. So contact the workers comp attorney. In my case, it’s a free consultation. It cannot hurt in any way to call me and even come in and sit down and we can go over it together but that’s what you need to do.”

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