Denied Medical Coverage?

man with work injury
man with work injury

If medical care has been denied, as always, first seek a competent, experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.  A lawyer might take your case on a contingency fee basis and provide a free case evaluation or free consultation.  If you can’t find legal help, and if you have a lifetime medical award and the insurance adjuster has refused to authorize medical care for treatment that is related to your work injury, you should demand a hearing before the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission.  Make sure you get a copy of the note from your doctor or treatment provider that says you require medical care and get copy to the workers’ compensation commission.  Call the Commission at 877-664-2566 and ask them how to request a hearing.  Usually, a simple letter to them asking for a hearing.  Again, make sure you send them any medical notes or records that support your claim.

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