Can I get unemployment benefits and workers compensation benefits?

Maybe.  If you have been taken out of work completely, and you are receiving a workers’ comp wage check, you normally cannot receive unemployment benefits.  If you are written to light-duty release, and receiving a workers’ comp wage check, and if the amount of your workers’ comp disability benefit check is less than your unemployment check, you might be eligible for some unemployment benefits.

An important thing to remember is that the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission generally requires you to show that you have been looking for at least 5 light duty jobs per week, whereas the VEC (Virginia Employment Commission) generally only tells you to look for 2 jobs per week.  To get workers’ comp benefits in this situation, you must comply with the minimum 5 job search requirement.  It is best to look for even more light duty jobs so as to show the Commission that you are trying hard to find employment.


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