Been ghosted by an insurance adjuster?

Have you been ghosted by an insurance adjuster? Not getting a return call? Who ya gonna call? The Insurance Adjuster Ghostbuster! Also known as your workers’ comp lawyer.

Ok, but, seriously.  If you have an injury and are relying on an insurance adjuster to help you, it can be a very frustrating experience.  To the insurance adjuster, making sure your medical treatment is covered, your mileage is paid, and your comp wage check shows up, is often not their top priority.  Unfortunately, it is often necessary to contact the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission and demand a hearing before a judge in order to get the insurance adjuster to respond.  A workers’ comp judge, also known as a Deputy Commissioner, has the authority to order the insurance adjuster to comply with the law.  The insurance adjuster can be penalized if they do not.

You can try this on your own, or you can call an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help you get un-ghosted….


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