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Questions about Workers' Compensation

Watch here to see Workers’ compensation lawyer Darren Shoen’s response to questions related to workers compensation.  If you have a question for Darren, feel free to send him a note using the contact form below.  Please note, the advice provided in these videos are of general nature – if you have a question specific to your case, please be sure to reach out to Darren or your lawyer for answers.  If you have been injured at work, or know someone who has, Darren hopes these videos will help you understand the importance of obtaining legal representation.

Hurt at work? Take care of yourself first.

“When you’re hurt at work, the very first thing you need to do is make sure you get proper medical attention. Whether it’s a small injury or a major injury. Just make sure you get medical care first. Don’t worry about the law right when you get hurt, take care of yourself first.

For purposes of workers comp, you then need to make sure your supervisor or employer is aware of the injury. They have to be made aware of it and then they are supposed to provide you with the appropriate medical care subsequent to the injury.

After you have taken care of that, the wisest thing to do would be to contact a competent worker’s comp lawyer who knows the worker’s comp laws, who practices worker’s comp law.

That attorney should be able to help you, shepherd you through the process to make sure that you have protection. That you have someone on your side. Because the insurance carriers have a team of lawyers to help them with the case. They don’t work for you. Your lawyer is to work for you. So you should contact a worker’s comp attorney to help you after you get appropriate medical care from the initial injury on.”

Do I apply for benefits in Virginia or in the state in which I was hurt?

“If your job requires you to be outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia; and typically a Virginia worker, it can be a complex situation. In certain cases, you can apply for benefits in the state where you were hurt or you can apply in the Commonwealth of Virginia as well. It just depends – you know per case – which state/where you should apply for benefits.

Some states’ benefits are, you know, better than Virginia. In some circumstances, sometimes it could be better to file in Virginia. But number one, as always, if you get hurt get medical attention immediately! No matter what. Let the legal part of this take care of itself later – after you get that resolved, after your employer knows of the injury, then you contact an attorney – a competent attorney that knows the law, that knows workers comp law. It’s a unique area of law where you have to do a lot of this to have workers comp law to know what you’re talking about. So contact the workers comp attorney. In my case, it’s a free consultation. It cannot hurt in any way to call me and even come in and sit down and we can go over it together but that’s what you need to do.”

How do I know if I need a workers compensation attorney?

“You know you need a workers comp lawyer, if you got hurt at work. You can always use a workers comp lawyer; someone like myself who does workers comp and knows workers comp. When I advise somebody who just calls me, even if it’s as simple as you got a cut finger at work. I have to advise that person as to what’s in their best interests. It’s a free consultation. There is no harm and it can only benefit you to contact me to help you with your claim. It may not be something that we need to pursue or should pursue, but I will be able to tell you that. This is what I do.”

What areas do you service?

“The law office of Darren Shoen represents clients from far and wide, throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  It’s a regional law practice.  So we primarily represent injured workers from Richmond, all the way west out to say Wythe County, Galax and even further Southwest.  Several clients come from the Southside area well – Danville and South Boston Campbell County, Lynchburg, Bedford so we can represent clients from throughout the Commonwealth and we have separate meeting locations as well in Danville and Roanoke which enables us to reach a broad population, a broad spectrum of injured workers.”

Do I still need a workers compensation attorney if I have insurance?

“Injured workers often ask me why should I get a workers comp lawyer if I have an insurance carrier that is taking care of me? They’re paying me, they’re paying my medical bills.  Because you need someone working for you.  The insurance carrier has lawyers working for them, helping them through the case.  Remember their goal is not your recovery.  Their goal is to save money.  A lawyer working for you can make sure you get the medical benefits that you need and deserve and the wage benefits you need and deserve.  From start to finish it’s a free consultation from the beginning all the way to the end; there’s never any cost out of pocket from you. I’m here to help you and I have your best interests at heart from start to finish.”

What are some reasons people get hurt at work?

“There are several different ways someone can get hurt on the job.  From what are seemingly minor injuries – to a paper cut, to an insect bite, all the way to catastrophic injuries of falling off buildings, out of trees, and so forth.

Some people will think maybe they don’t need to see a lawyer because it’s not that major of an injury.  So it’s always good to get yourself your own attorney, and get your own advice, again even from what can seem like a small injury that can develop into a larger injury.

From a soft tissue injury, to back injuries that can balloon into herniated disks and so forth.  A sore knee, or a twisted knee can then develop into the need for surgery, which can then develop into something much worse from there.  So, it’s always good to make sure you get the right medical care at the beginning.  Because if they don’t get it early enough, it can develop into something much worse where it can be tough to repair something down the road.  So even something that is seemingly minor, seek out my office, I can help you from start to finish.”